Zara's New Best Seller - 'Floss'

Zara has a new special fashion trend for you is called “Floss” and it will be your best buying of the year. They are comfortable, stylish and have become the favorite sandals of fashion experts.



There is no fashion tendency that Zara’s design managers would not have predicted. No matter what we are talking about, things or accessories, the Inditex giant knows everything about modern fashion. The proof? The latest collection of sandals.
Zara can propose to its customers one of the most elegant and versatile dresses (which estimated the Duchess of Cambridge) or to show that the skirt that stylizes has a front opening. The Spanish firm wants its followers to wear this year the favorite footwear of the influencers: sandals floss.


Minimalist design, made of thin crossed strips, at the ankle, the instep or the fingers, that fits looks in jeans, flowing dresses or monochromatic pantsuits. A phenomenon behind which firms such as the Row, Miu Miu or Mansur Gavriel.

The reason of success? The stylizing effect of these shoes, both on thin and big feet.

Photos: Instagram @matildadjerf, @styleinscandinavia

Tiffany Tompson

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