Victoria's Secret Angels Workouts That You Can Do At Home

A nice butt, flat stomach … take note of the workout (which will bring into shape the most critical zones) of the world’s most beautiful models.

Famous Victoria’s Secret Angels every year shine on the podium, demonstrating the sculptural bodies that are achieved through hard workouts. Here are the most effective exercises that can be performed at home.

Toned Arms
Jasmine Tookes and Josephenie Skiver, the most sporting duo (they have their own Instagram, @joja, dedicated to their exercise routines) propose this simple exercise to tone the arms avoiding excess muscle. You just need a resistance band and do three sets of 15 to exercise triceps and biceps at the same time.

Strong Abs
If there is a model that can boast of steel abs that is Kelly Gale. In addition to practicing yoga or ballet, the top model follows resistance exercises in sport routine in which she focus energy on the abdomen. 

As we see in stories, the angel of Víctoria’s Secret fights the unsightly side hips using an oblique board aided by a fit ball (a two in one to exercise the legs at the same time).


Firm Butt
One of the areas we are most concerned about is, without doubt, the butt. How to tone it and avoid flaccidity? Take note of this back kick exercise in which you will only need a mat and an extra dose of will power. One of the exercises that Rhys Athayde, the personal favorite trainer of the angels, proposes to Rafaella Consentino and Kelsey Merritt to show off steel buttocks on the catwalk.

Bye bye Calories
By taking a look at Victoria’s Secret’s Angels Instagram it has become clear that the jump rope is part of their training. We propose you to do a come back to childhood with rope exercises with which you will burn the extra calories, tone your arms & legs and improve coordination. If you combine it with other resistance exercises in a short time you will notice the results.

Photos: Getty Images, Instagram

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