Top 5 Fashion Trends 2019! Part 1

The latest fashion trends you need to know about. Gain inspiration and use new trends in your daily life.

1. The Mini Dress
With volume sleeves, long mini and some draping. À la the 80s, but with today’s realities.


2. Men’s trousers
It is the trousers that are in high esteem by top fashion experts: tight and high waist, wide in the leg and narrow in the ankle. These difficulties are worth it because the style of the look exceeds 100%.


3. Pastel colors
Like every spring, pastel colors enter into their rights. What’s new: monochrome, mixed with opposites and complementary colors (even closer to the neon tone).


4. The return of pearls
The pearls have returned (if they ever left) to stay and give a new ‘preppy’ to your look.

5. Feathers
And the way to wear them will not be exactly discrete, here more is better: combine it with ties, sequins, colors … as in this jacket.

Photo: Getty Images

Tiffany Tompson

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