The Easiest and Fastest Way to Draw Beautiful Arrows!

There are goals that are not easily given, for example, a victory in the competition or a triple somersault. However, for some there are even more difficult things – a straight and beautiful arrow.

In just a few days, the secret that allows you to quickly draw beautiful arrows became the most popular and viral. It’s all thanks to one of the participants of Reddit’s resource.

“I often get compliments about my ability to draw arrows beautifully, which is why I decided to share my very simple secret with you,” writes MDL1994 on Reddit. “I draw an arrow before applying a primer, and at the same time draw a line of any shape. Then I take a makeup wipe, smooth it in half, so that a smooth line is formed, and I eliminate flaws with a slight movement. Fast, easy and convenient! “.

Other Reddit users have already tried this method and were satisfied. At the same time, adding something from yourself, for example, some advise to moisten a cotton swab with a makeup remover.

Photo: Instagram, Reddit

Tiffany Tompson

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