Mindful Eating: The Method of Slimming Without Dieting

Lose weight without dieting….it seems almost a cliché but experts are increasingly advocate good eating habits and deny strict diets, causing the dreaded “rebound effect” and, in the most extreme cases, health risks. This is where Mindful Eating comes into play, a method to eat more consciously and therefore healthier, which helps control weight and feel better.



 How to put it into practice? Tells us about this Ksenia Ryzkhova.

The frantic pace in which we live makes it difficult for us to maintain a balanced diet, which results in an unwanted increase in weight and important health risks such as high blood pressure or cholesterol. A good way to avoid these consequences is to start with Mindful Eating.

Let’s start from the beginning. What exactly is Mindful Eating? A technique derived from Mindfulness which consists of focusing attention on our eating habits, from the moment of purchase until consuming,” explains Ksenia Ryzkhova. This is therefore a new nutritional current “in which we pay attention to what we are eating, dedicating enough time and fully enjoying the food, which helps connect with our body and know what it really needs to consume”, adds the expert.

How to imcorporate Mindful Eating to your day-to-day life? Here are 5 key steps.



1. In the purchase. It is important not to fall into unnecessary consumerism and avoid filling the basket of whims, which are often the most caloric, such as sweets or snacks in the bag. “A good trick is not going to make the purchase hungry and, of course, bring a list with what we really need,” advises Ksenia. “When choosing, it is important to look carefully at the label well to know the true origin of the products and opt fresh foods.”

2. Concentrate on what you eat. “Taste every bite and focus on the food avoiding other thoughts that may distract you, this will allow you to listen to your own body and the signals it is sending you, for example, that you are already too full”. A solution to curb emotional hunger.

3. Avoid multitasking. Answering emails or watching Instagram is very difficult to pay attention to what we are eating, which enhances impulse eating habits. “Sitting at the table and avoiding distracting devices is crucial to eating properly.”It’s not about doing everything at once, for example, if you’re used to having breakfast reading the newspaper you can start to stop reading while you have your coffee”, Ksenia recommends.

4. Against anxiety. Many people suffer with high-functioning anxiety and here is what expert recommends – a mini breathing exercise before eating.””Just a little pause of a few seconds in which we take and release the air to lower the pace a little and clear the mind”.

5. At lunchtime outside, find your moment. It is important to know how to find a space and a moment to disconnect from the work routine. As Ksenia says: “15 minutes of conscious food will give you much more energy than an hour in a noisy restaurant or a quick sandwich in front of the computer”.

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