Method XT29: Get in Shape in Just 29 days!

Only 29 days, 29 minutes and 29 exercises. Jessica Goicoechea, Coral Simanovich and Alex Rivière have already tested this training program that combines high-intensity interval training, strength training exercises and yoga.

Get in shape – a goal that is not achieved in one day. According to experts, to achieve this goal, are necessary at at least 12 weeks of training and a balanced diet. However, thanks to the latest trends, more exciting and effective, it seems that this period may be reduced.

High—intensity interval training (HIIT) has been a favorite for a long time. Now, the XT29 method has replaced it, allowing you to lose weight in record time and at the same time keep your body in good shape.

This method is attractive due to 2 features: duration (express program, ie less than one month) and philosophy (training for everyone). The XT29 method implies that in just 29 days, 29 minutes and a complex of 29 exercises, the body will be transformed.

Today, the number of people using Method XT29 is growing every day. There are already 4 types of XT29, targeted at different goals. For beginners, the best option would be XT29 Holistic (burns fat with the help of strength exercises + yoga).

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Tiffany Tompson

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