Lose Weight Without Effort: 4 Basic Rules!

The most modern and healthiest ways to lose weight and take care of yourself are intuitive nutrition and mindfulness. Therefore, if you decide to change your life and body for the better, then read the expert advice: how to choose foods, how to use them correctly and how to maintain your weight in the simplest ways.

1. Don’t be afraid of carbohydrates
Almost every girl, when she decides to lose weight, immediately refuses carbohydrates. That is, this means that bread and pasta immediately disappear from the diet, but you should not refuse these products, on the contrary, they can help you lose weight.

In her new book “Super Woman RX, Dr. Taz Bhatia M.D. says that it is not necessary to completely exclude carbohydrates when losing weight. It is only necessary to limit their consumption. For example, bread, pasta or rice should be consumed once a day, and it is better if they are whole grains. And, of course, the classics of the genre – more fruits, vegetables, lentils and quinoa.

In addition, the rejection of carbohydrates has serious consequences. “It is very important that the diet contains enough carbohydrates that are important for the brain”, explains Lisa Mosconi, a doctor and part-time professor at New York University.

In her book “Brain Food Lisa writes that such products are rich in antioxidants, minerals and B-group vitamins are converted into glucose as they decompose, and this is one of the most basic sources of energy for the body. 

2. Fat is not (always) your enemy
As mentioned earlier, weight loss does not always mean giving up energy-rich and fat-rich foods. Certain studies prove that foods containing saturated fats can be beneficial for the body, with the exception of those that contain saturated fats as an integral part of ready-made meals, sweets (especially pastry) and snacks. Here, experts in the field of nutrition advise to completely replace them with monounsaturated fats, which are contained in olive oil, avocados, or polyunsaturated fats – salmon, flax seeds.


3. Eat healthy food all day long
Experts recommend eating five to six times a day, dividing the food into small portions. These two rules, which at first may seem illogical, are actually very effective: blood sugar level is balanced throughout the day, and hunger does not appear sharply. The result – there is no desire to overeat, especially in the afternoon.

In this case, a reasonable distribution of products and a balanced diet are essential. It says here that it is important to listen to your body and understand when the feeling of hunger has disappeared. A good help would be Healthy Eating Plate (created by nutrition experts at Harvard School of Public Health), which can be applied to main dishes. But for snacks, the best option would be fruits or dried fruits, which have nutrients and help to satisfy hunger before the main meal.

4. The 80/20 rule
Eating a healthy diet to help our bodies return to their ideal weight does not mean maintaining a rigid diet, where ice cream, french fries and more than one piece of pizza cannot be afforded. A hard limitation will usually lead to stress, which can lead to a breakdown, which is not the goal. That is why nutritional scientist Amy Goodson recommends following rule 80/20, where such “little joys” are allowed.

Everything is very simple. Just need to think through your diet, for example, for a week. So 80% of the food should be good for the body, i.e. consisting of whole grains, healthy fats, fruits, vegetables and protein. All that will allow your body to function properly. But in the remaining 20% you may include not so healthy foods. Thanks to this you won’t feel almost every hour the desire to eat sweet/junk food.

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