How To Take Care Of Skin This Spring: 5 Products In Interesting Formats

In the spring the weather becomes more stable, thick creams and SOS Products you can put away. It’s time to try new beauty products. But remember, the most important rule to do is protect your skin from the sun with good sunscreen.



R+CO Acid Wash ACV – Cleansing Rinse ($32)

The most progressive novelties of hair care products brands are intended to cleanse the scalp. Today, stores have quite a good assortment of scrubs and exfoliants, there are also shampoos with exfoliating components. These products will be useful to those who often use styling, powder and dry shampoos for hair. At least once a week you should purify the scalp and hair, especially if you usually prefer a mild cleansing. R+Co Acid shampoo, however, is also suitable for daily use, apple extract is responsible for exfoliation.


Pixi Glow Mud Mask ($22.00)

Pixi, which supplied all bloggers from YouTube with the famous acid tonic, now is sold in Sephora. In Sephora you can find the most interesting products, including the famous tonic, mists and exfoliating treatment pads. You should try Glow Mud Mask, if you like different products with clay for bright and shine skin. This mask clarify, draws out impurities and make skin soft and smooth. In the spring, when the fight against dry skin for many is not so relevant, it’s time for this format.


Timeless Hyaluronic Acid + Vitamin C Serum ($20.95)

Since 2009, Timeless produces products for which The Ordinary is loved –  this is products with high and moderate concentrations of active ingredients, simple composition and a pleasant price. If you have not tried vitamin C in your daily skin care routine, it is optimal to start with this serum: it contains hyaluronic acid, and the vitamin C concentration is not too high – 5%. Vitamin C evening out your skin tone, eliminating pigmentation and gives shine.


Sephora Collection Colorful Rubber Mask ($6.00)

Alginate masks, like most express masks in other formats, are rather pleasant entertainment than a serious contribution to skin care, but they are able to provide the same temporary effect and slightly smooth the skin, give it shine or reduce the appearance of outbreaks.


Daily + Overnight Boosters with Pure Vitamin C 10% + A (Retinol), Clinique Fresh Pressed ($39.50)

Clinique boosters with vitamin C are properly packaged, boast a good concentration of the components and go well with any basic products. You do not need to buy a separate cream, it is possible to add essence to your favorite moisturizer with a simple composition and light texture. Now there is also a weekly system of care with vitamin C and retinol. Before using, you should make sure that the skin will not suddenly react to two new active ingredients, you can also alternate boosters by day (don’t forget about sunscreen).

Photos: Clinique, R+Co, Pixi, Timeless, Sephora, A. Terrón.

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