How To Choose The Right Face Mask

Creamy, gel or clay face masks are a necessary step for a glowing skin. Face masks are a staple in your beauty ritual that you must not forget. There are purifying, nutritive, anti-aging, with peeling effect, biocellulose or clay masks. Choose yours according to the needs of your skin.


Applied after facial cleansing, facial masks complete the care routine of the week. Ideally, apply once or twice a week, preferably at night. To intensify its benefits, do it after exfoliation, when you will sure that you have eliminated dead cells and the epidermis is free of any imperfection, dirt or traces of pollution.



• If you have oily skin: cleansing masks with kaolin or with pink clay that close pores and leave the skin clean.

Against blemishes: this kind of masks usually contain alpha hydroxy acids that depigment the skin and lighten the blemishes.

For the wrinkles: with Vitamins and lifting effect, they moisturizes the skin and fill wrinkles.

If you want to improve the texture and skin quality: choose with peel-of effect, that with glycolic acid is not suitable for sensitive skin.

If you are too lazy to use face masks … try the biocellulose, super comfortable.

Intensive care: night masks or sleeping mask, which are rebalance the skin during the night and dewy glow by morning.

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