How To Avoid Hair Loss: Top 10 Healthy Foods

Hair loss can be a problem for many women. And here you can find tips from Dr. Joaquín Domínguez, medical director of the Vila – Rovira Institute in Madrid, and Felicidad Carrera, director of the Felicidad Carrera Center & expert in nutrition.

Olive oil can help us prevent hair loss
Olive oil, as is confirmed by director of the Felicidad Carrera Center & expert in nutrition Leticia Carrera, plays an antioxidant role thanks to the presence of polyphenols, substances that favor our metabolism and help us to combat stress.

The basil helps us to stop hair loss
Felicidad Carrera also assured that basil has similar functions in our organism to those performed by olive oil. That’s why it can help us stop hair loss.

Red meat helps us to have stronger hair

“The iron in red meat and molluscs is also very important to avoid falling and strengthen the hair,” says Carrera.

Black chocolate has many properties
Dark chocolate, like olive oil, plays an antioxidant role that keeps our hair strong. It is important to choose a chocolate with a percentage of cocoa higher than 85% to ensure that its sugar content is not high but is mostly present in the cocoa itself.

Spinach is good for everything
Copper contained in spinach is a very important component for the synthesis of hair melanin.

Nuts provide us with nutrients to stop hair loss
Because of its zinc, selenium and B vitamins content, nuts, as the nutrition expert Felicidad Carrera assures us, help us to stop hair loss. In addition, in particular, magnesium-rich almonds activate enzyme reactions that are important for hair health.

Chickpeas help us to boast of great hair
Carrera assures that pulses “provide protein, iron, zinc and biotin”. This last vitamin is involved in the assimilation of carbohydrates. “His deficit causes hair loss and nail deterioration,” the expert says.

The egg is going to become your favorite protein
The egg is also a food rich in biotin. It is also a protein with high satiety index. That is why it is highly recommended for breakfast. Experts say that you can take up to one egg a day, without risking, as has traditionally been said, our health because of cholesterol.

Citrus fruits guarantee capillary health
Doctor Joaquín Domínguez agrees with Felicidad Carrera that citrus fruits (and especially lemon) are essential for the health of our hair and our nails due to their high vitamin C content.


Blue fish and mollusks – essential for slowing hair loss
Blue fish, rich in omega 3 can help us, like mollusks to stop hair loss. Carrera and Domínguez also agree on this point.


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