SIMPLICITY AND PRACTICALY – the main motto of minimalism

There are a number of things that every girl should have in the closet in order to come to the rescue in any situation.


Straight trousers
To achieve the most stylish image, you can use a thin belt and shoes.

Blazer has several variations. A blazer without sleeves this is what you need if you want to emphasize the slim figure and your height. Girls with small stature need to be careful, because this type of blazer visually reduces growth (in this case, high-heeled shoes can be a salvation). The classic version, ends at the level of the thigh, and is well suited for girls with tall stature. A boyfriend blazer that does not fit snugly to the body can be worn with things oversize.

Neutral color clothing
Choose clothes of neutral colors (classic colors in minimalism). If you don’t want to use muted tones, such as gray or black, you can refer to the pastel tones. And such colors as green, yellow, blue, coral, fuchsia or orange, use to give brightness to your look.

Do not use a large number of accessories, especially if they are massive. The essence of minimalism is expressed in refinement and elegance!

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Tiffany Tompson

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