Hailey Baldwin's Diet And Workouts For A Slim Body

Model Hailey Baldwin@Bieber” eats clean, doesn’t consume sugar and trains a lot.


Justin Bieber’s wife Hailey Baldwin has confessed that stick to gluten & sugar free diet. Her main goal, in addition to maintaining the desired weight, it’s living for a healthy body and healthy skin, which means the exclusion from the diet of foods that have a negative impact on health (you know that new research demonstrates that certain foods can help us to stop acne, rosacea or even lose volume).

Breakfast: it usually includes eggs, oats, or a protein shake + a large amount of water during the day.

Food: Hailey does everything possible to avoid gluten. Her lunch menu includes options such as a salad without croutons, a gluten-free sandwich bread, fish or even some grilled vegetables or kale.

Dinners: her dinners are not very complicated in fact it looks a lot like what she eats at noon. Usually, Hailey ends her last meal of the day with some gluten-free pasta, a chicken dish (healthy version) or some grilled vegetables.

Cheating Day: As Elsa Pataky or Miranda Kerr she also practices a cheating day or little whims so that her routine foods won’t be so tedious. In a statement to Elle Uk Hailey has confessed that eat what she wants. On such days, she allows her desires to determine what she will eat.


Many her workouts are related with balance exercises and strength training exercises and, in addition to this Hailey practices pilates, body bar workout + yoga. We know that models love to combine different workouts Haley Baldwin @Bieber is no exception, so in addition she does different types of sports such as boxing and hiking. And, as she used to be a ballerina, she tries to incorporate it to a training routine.

Photos: Instagram @haileybieber

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