Gucci - The Most Influential Brand Of The Year

Twice a year the search engine LYST, which is focused on the search for things and brands, makes a list of the most influential fashion houses in the fashion world. The rating data is based on users’ search queries – which mean these brands are looking for and want to purchase most often.

In the past half year, the first place was taken by the Italian fashion house Gucci. The second place belongs to Off–White, which fighting for a place with Balenciaga, Valentino and Prada. By the way, last year Off – White was in first place, ahead of Gucci. What about Balenciaga everything is stable – the third place remains the third. In total, the standings of the most influential included 20 brands. Here they are:

1. Gucci
2. Off–White
3. Balenciaga
4. Valentino
5. Prada
6. Versace
7. Fendi
8. Stone Island
9. Nike
10. Saint Laurent
11. Vetements
12. Burberry
13. Dolce & Gabbana
14. Givenchy
15. Palm Angels
16. Adidas
17. Moncler
18. Moschino
19. Yeezy
20. Balmain

Photots: Gucci

Tiffany Tompson

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