Eye Patches: Why They Are Needed And How To Use Them

Signs of chronic sleep deprivation, wild parties or drunk on the plane two liters of water can’t always be removed even by a surgeon’s scalpel, and even more so small, cream-soaked fabric patches. If you look at things realistically, then a little puffiness, signs of fatigue, fine wrinkles and dull skin will certainly decrease after using the correct eye cream. In general, this is a good and convenient express care but nothing more.

How it works

As a rule, patches are impregnated with a cosmetic ingredient with a high concentration of active substances, which is often not inferior in saturation to powerful anti-aging or moisturizing serums.


Oils, vitamins and panthenol are used to restore and strengthen the skin, antioxidants are used to reduce wrinkles, peptides are used to increase skin elasticity, chamomile, aloe and plantain extracts are used to calm and relieve irritation.

All types of eye patches

As a rule, eye masks are classified according to their purpose:

Moisturizing: quickly saturate the eye area with moisture and vitamin complex. They are ideal for fine skin + visually smooth out wrinkles.

Smoothing: inhibit the transmission of nerve impulses and “block” facial expressions, acting like Botox. Collagen, colloidal gold, hyaluronic acid can be among other ingredients.

Nourishing: these are more expensive patches with placenta, plant extracts, pearl powder and retinol, which are aimed at complex skin care.

Regenerating & anti-aging effect: start the mechanisms of natural skin rejuvenation and maintain an optimal balance of all components. The formula may contain high potency ingredients such as peptides, coenzyme, collagen, extracts of caviar, algae and ginseng.

Draining: apply to relieve or reduce puffiness. Smooth onto the eye area, leave them on for 20 to 30 minutes.

You can improve the expected effect by making a preliminary light massage.

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