Expert Advice: What To Do And How To Prevent Greasy Hair

5 easy tips to help keep your hair clean for a long time.

1. “Listen” to your hair
Image Director of the network of Spanish beauty centers Tacha, Soledad Rebollar recommends listening to your hair. “It is very important to wash your hair when you notice that it is greasy. What pollutes the hair after washing depends on your habits, genetics, age, etc., you need to understand your hair and start from there.

An Austrian hairdresser-stylist David Mallett, who works in Paris, shared the secret of Parisian women. “In general, French women rarely wash their hair. And for volume and thickness, they use special powders that are applied to the roots”.

2. Do not touch hair
Soledad Rebollar, a hair expert, insists on this point. “This is one of the most common mistakes that has become a habit for many girls. If you want your hair to stay clean longer, do not touch them because you get them greasy”.

3. Use silicone free products
Hair care products are another factor affecting the condition of your hair. So try not to use products that contain silicones, perhaps they are the very reason why your hair is so often polluted.


4. Method of combing hair
“If you wash your head every day, maybe it’s because of your way of combing them! It is necessary to lift the hair roots when combing, so they will not fit tightly to the scalp and, accordingly, will be less polluted,” explains Rebollar.

5. Differentiate polluted hair from thin
“For thin hair, I recommend using the appropriate product line as it adds volume, but for oily hair needs care products that eliminate shine, in this way the hair will be clean for a longer time”, – advises Soledad.

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