6 Tricks That Will Help To Grow LONG HAIR

Unfortunately, the hair is not able to grow overnight, but there are some tricks to speed up the process. If you want to grow hair, then the following tips are for you.


1. Ironically, scissors are your new best friend
Although periodically trimming the tips will not contribute to faster hair growth, but they will be healthier, and you will not have to cut off a long hair. So it is recommended to “update” the tips every three months.

2. Use conditioner each time after shampoo
If you don’t use a hair balsam, then it is still worth getting it, because without it hair grows more slowly. Constant use of hairdryer, hair straightener and coloring thin, make our hair more brittle & fragile.

3. Always wash your hair with cold water after shampoo & conditioner
This habit will really help your hair grow faster and be healthier. Cold water helps to avoid dehydration and all you need to do is rinse your head after washing.



4. Masks and oils
Apply oil or hair mask at least once a week for 10-15 minutes. Because oils and masks act as nourishment for hair, filling them with their fatty acids.

5. Comb your hair gently and smoothly
Rapid combing can cause great damage to your hair. Wet hair is especially in need of special treatment. If you comb them wet, then start from the end, so as to prevent mats and tangles.

6. Include food supplements in your diet
Your body needs a lot of nutrients to form new hair. Even if you have a balanced diet, your body may lack certain nutrients. As a dietary supplement you can choose zinc or biotin, which will contribute to the growth of strong hair.

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