Chanel Releases A New Book On Its Atelier

The book “The Making of a Collection” will reveal all the secrets and privacy of the Chanel headquarters in Paris. The author of the new encyclopedia from Chanel with illustrations by Jean-Philippe Delhomme is journalist Laetitia Cénac. In her book, she not only described the process of discussion, creation and preparation of collections, but also told readers about the most interesting situations in the history of the fashion house.

The book begins with a story about the last months of Karl Lagerfeld’s life and work on the Spring 2019 collection and Métiers d’Art 2018. On the pages reader can find all the processes taking place in the workshop, as well as the entire history of the secret “rituals” without which there are no fashion shows. In addition to the secrets of tailors and costume managers in the book published an interview with Karl Lagerfeld, in which he reveals the sources of his inspiration. 

“My latest collections have a connection to childhood…. A collection can come out of a dream—or a nightmare too, by the way. I dream, work my mind, I create, I throw away, I start again…. There are no rules or formulas. I draw everything myself. It’s the artistry that I love. Having a studio of twenty people working on computers does not interest me. I always have a notebook near my pillow to write down my ideas, to have a record of them,” the couturier shared. 

The book will be available for sale on September 3, but it is already possible to pre-order on the publisher’s website.

Illustrations: Jean-Philippe Delhomme; Courtesy of Chanel

Tiffany Tompson

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