At what time is it better to dine to speed up your metabolism and lose weight?

 A growing body of research is providing evidence on how a late dinner can make you gain weight and might trigger more sleepless nights.

Our body works different during the day and at night, and we are not prepared to eat at night, hence it is quite hard to metabolize food. After 7 p.m.our body begins to prepare for rest, slowing the assimilation of food.

There is still more: different researchers from the Barcelona Institute for Global Health (ISGlobal) have also shown that eating early reduces the risk of suffering diseases such as prostate cancer or breast cancer by 20 percent. And eat before nine o’clock at night or to take time off between dinner and bedtime (at least 2 hours), can protect you against these illnesses. This number increases by 5 percent if you also combine eating early with waiting between food and time to go to sleep. 

Another of the authors of the study published in the International Journal of Cancer, Dr. Manolis Kogevinas (ISGlobal researcher) says that “the time at which some activities are carried out can affect our health because our biological clock is regulated by day and night cycles and the second most influential factor is diet. The greatest protection has been found in the early morning chronotype”.

Therefore, if we want be less predisposed to get fat and suffer from diseases, we must add this recommendation to practice sports or eat a healthy and balanced diet.

For a healthy habit, you also have to take special care during day time + light dinners. A piece of fruit, a handful of nuts or a yogurt will help you get to dinner with less hunger.


Dispense with sausages and fried as they hinder digestion at night.

Choose season fruits as ripe as possible and combine them with yogurt, for example. It is a healthy and purifying alternative.

Whole grains help you fall asleep thanks to its high content of vitamin B.

Brown rice is another good option as it is a natural diuretic (brown rice + salad = a very balanced dish).

The consumption of proteins such as egg, cheese, legume or fish can help you burn fat but these proteins should always be combined with vegetables and very little oil.

Photos: A. Terrón, Gtresonline

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