A Scientific Approach To Hair Treatment

Many factors adversely affect our hair. The main causes of the hair loss are unhealthy diet, bad habits and genetic predisposition.

There are various ways to help your hair: consuming vitamins, a properly selected hairbrush, “update tips” every six weeks.

And what if there is a very simple way to restore weak hair – a walk in the fresh air in the spring?!

The scientific justification is that since spring, sunlight has a positive effect on the renewal of hair. Adolfo Remartínez, founder of Nuggela&Sulé, explains that walking in the fresh air under the sun directly affects the condition of our hair.

“On sunny days, our body is preparing to receive a large dose of solar radiation, so it is ready to protect our hair. During this time, the hair cycle changes, which prepares the skin of the head to ensure that new hair will be more voluminous and lush, as it is necessary to close as much as possible the scalp area to protect it from aggressive sunlight”. 

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Tiffany Tompson

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