4 Makeup Artists You Need to Follow on Instagram

2019 is the year when you need to carry out your plans, create, contemplate and be inspired.

At the moment, Instagram can offer a huge number of accounts with which the esthete’s eye will be pleased, but you will agree, sometimes you want something unusual. So these makeup artists are able to inspire you with their vision and give impetus to experiments.


Nam Vo’s multi-layered approach to emphasizing features has received a special name – Dewy Dumpling Glow. Dewy Dumpling Glow is based on mixing different products, and all in order to create the perfect shine. Her Instagram is a love letter to shining skin. See for yourself.


Mimi Choi
takes makeup to a new level. It is hard to believe that she used to be a schoolteacher who did makeup as a hobby.


Katie Jane Hughes
does not want to limit herself, so you can find a strict, office, soft and romantic makeup in her account. Many of these images are inspired by her no less amazing collection of earrings.


Bea Sweet
is an excellent example of the fact that the best works are obtained when you have the courage to reject all the rules. Britta’s Instagram is a place where fun, bright colors and imagination come together, so it’s more like an art exhibition. Beasweetbeauty is proof that you need to do what you like, although some will consider it ugly and wrong.

Photo: @namvo, @mimles, @katiejanehughe, @beasweetbeauty

Tiffany Tompson

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